We are living through exceptionally dangerous times. Never before has the entire human race faced a simultaneous global attack from an army of fascist billionaires who believe that they alone have the right to control the earth's resources and dictate the future of humanity. Pooling their incredible wealth these psychopaths have captured our democracies and institutions and now spew continuous propaganda and public disinformation to conceal their real intentions. Controlling information, suppressing dissent and abolishing freedom of speech is an essential part of their plan. They need an obedient public that is willing and eager to follow them blindly into the technocratic dystopia of total control that they are building with the UN, World Bank, WHO and WEF.

Up until Covid-19 most people trusted our government and public institutions to protect the good of the people. We never doubted that public health agencies, professional medical colleges, hospitals, legal and educational institutions served only the public interest. We never suspected that corporations and private financiers had stepped in and captured them when governments failed to provide the necessary funds to sustain their independence. Government neglect privatized science, educational curriculums and public health policies. Covid-19 has shown us clearly that that was a mistake.

Local provides a way to easily find other people in your local community who recognize the danger and share your concerns. By linking locally we can find strength and support... we can communicate, coordinate, educate and resist. Here we provide a searchable database to easily locate neighbours in your own city or town who share your concerns and who are willing to stand together and press for truth locally. To protect your safety and privacy you are not required to provide your real name to the database. If you are comfortable doing so later with the people you connect with that is your choice. Your level of involvement is totally up to you. You can talk privately here using our anonymous email system until you are comfortable with meeting in person, then you can work with others to establish working groups, organize events... anything is possible. No one will know your real name or see your e-mail address unless you give it to them. Your privacy is absolute.

When you search the database by your location a list of matches (if any exist) will be returned as hyperlinks. When you click one of the hyperlinks you will be taken to a mail message window where you can type a message to send to the real person who uses that username. After you click the Send button your message will automatically be sent to the real (hidden) email address of your neighbour. You will only be identified to them by your username. If they choose to respond they can reply using this site and, if they wish, they can provide their real email address or phone number to you only in their reply. At all times you maintain control over your own anonymity.

Isolation is one of the most important weapons of the globalists. Resistors who are apart and unorganized have no voice or power in their local community. They feel alone and helpless, and since the majority of people still trust the mainstream opinions they are not a threat. If however we can join together at the local level to educate others, organize campaigns and take political action we can have a tremendous local impact. By coordinating our efforts with other provincial, national and international groups, we can win this battle to build public awareness and resistance.

The political party system has hijacked democracy. Ruled by money, it serves the tyranny of wealth rather than the well-being of the public. Direct democracy, beginning at the local level, is the only thing that will restore our natural rights and freedoms. Representative government only works if regular people are willing to get fully informed and actively involved. That's why our leaders try so desperately to keep us fearful and uninformed. Please sign-up today and join the fight for a true citizen democracy.