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Important Links

The National Citizens Inquiry
The Epoch Times
The Highwire
Brownstone Institute
LifeSite News
BrightLight News
The Exposé
Press For Truth

True North News
The Counter Signal
Canadian Constitution Foundation
Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms
Corona Investigative Committee
Grand Jury: The Court of Public Opinion

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Vaccine Choice Canada
Freedom Rising
Take Action Canada
Natural Health Products Protection Association
Global Health Project
World Council For Health
Organic Consumers Association

Children's Health Defence
Truth For Health Foundation
Doctors For Covid Ethics
National Vaccine Information Center
Vaccine Safety Research Foundation
Stop World Control
Unlimited Hangout
People's World War
The Last American Vagabond
Humans Are Free
Forbidden Knowledge
America Out Loud
The Solari Report
Zeee Media
Rair Foundation
Open Secrets
Global Research
The Freedom Cell Network
A Stand In The Park
Geoengineering Watch

Dr. David Martin
Whitney Webb
Tucker Carlson
James Corbett
Karen Kingston
Sasha Latypova
Lioness of Judah
James Roguski
Jacob Nordangård
Dr. Andrew Kaufman
Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea
Dr Vladimir Zelenko
Dr Meryl Nass
Dr Peter McCullough
Dr Michael Yeadon
Dr Jessica Rose
Dr Mark Trozzi
Dr Byram Bridle
Dr Paul Alexander
Dr John Campbell
Dr Jordan Peterson
John O'Looney

Jordan Schachtel
Katherine Watt
Peter & Ginger Breggin
Alex Berenson
Margaret Anna Alice
Sage Hana
Mark Crispin Miller

Jimmy Dore
Matt Taibbi
Mattias Desmet
Tessa Lena
Richard Vobes
Neil Oliver
The Vigilant Fox
Richard Werner
Richard Wolff


The Great Awakening
The Great Taking
The Threat of CBDCs
The Fall of the Cabal
All Wars Are Bankers Wars
Currency of Control
The Dimming
Plandemic 2: Indoctornation
Plandemic 1: Documentary
Planet Lockdown
The Plan
Uninformed Consent
Vaxxed 1 Documentary
Vax Nation: Trust The Science
Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics

Died Suddenly
Traced and Tracked
TrustWHO: Documentary on World Health Organization
Screw The WHO
Cutting Off the Head of the Snake in Geneva
Tucker Carlson and Bret Weinstein on WHO's Plans
How to Survive the 21st Century
What Is the WEF: Whitney Webb
Event 201: A Global Pandemic Exercise
Dr David Martin Talks About Insurance Companies & Pandemics
Dr David Martin Exposes The Great Reset & Vaccine Agenda
Dr David Martin: EU Parliament Covid Conference
CBDCs: Your Future is Being Decided
Princes of the Yen - Money Creation
Final Days

AI Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology
The Shadow State
Monopoly: Who Owns the World
The 10 Richest Families of the World
The Men Who Own Everything
The Owners of the Country
America: Freedom to Fascism
The Calling
Inside Job
Capitalism Hits The Fan
Moconomy - Economy & Finance
Why The World Has Gone Mad
The Corporation
Four Horsemen
The New Rulers of The World
The War You Don't See
Confessions of an Economic Hitman
Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
Unacceptable Views

Now you can turn off your t.v. and still have lots of good stuff to watch. Enjoy.

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